Illinois Port District




Illinois International Port District


Our Sustainability Vision is:

To meet the needs of our tenants, our shippers, our local neighbors, our community and the environment today and in the future. The Port District is committed to a program of sustainability improvements. The Port District feels that the marine industries greatest asset, after the people who work in it, is the quality of life we all strive daily to improve for generations to come. Whether it is improving water quality, air quality or improving multi model congestion.

Marine transportation has a lower number of incidence or accidents than the other modes.Transportation by water is more fuel efficient, which reduces green house gases. Marine transportation is also less envasive for noise, and other environmental polutants. The Marine industry is currently working to improve the environment by retro-fitting older ships and developing new technologies for new shipbuilding, which will further improve the environment. Great Lakes ships are significantly more fuel efficient than that of their counter parts trucks and trains. Great Lakes vessels can carry the cargo that would equal 800 to 3000 truckloads or 200 to 700 railcars in just one vessel. The use of barges and vessels for transporting cargo is not only cost effective, but also benefits the local community because it saves the roadway, infrastructure repair costs and congestion.