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Illinois International Port District

Monthly Financial Statements


The Port District does not have taxing authority, nor does it receive taxpayer dollars and accordingly the Financial Statements and Budget do not have nor do they contemplate any tax revenues nor do they spend any taxpayer monies.


March 2017 (download pdf)
Feburary 2017 (download pdf)
January 2017 (download pdf)
December 2016 (download pdf)
November 2016 (download pdf)
October 2016 (download pdf)
September 2016 (download pdf)
August 2016 (download pdf)
July 2016 (download pdf)
June 2016 (download pdf)
May 2016 (download pdf)
April 2016 (download pdf)
March 2016 (download pdf)
February 2016 (download pdf)
January 2016 (download pdf)



Please note that the attached financial statements do not include any current year pension accounting as such analysis is only prepared on an annual basis.